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Terms And Condition

In these Terms and Conditions:
1.1 “Arbitration clause” refers to the section of a specific contract that deals with both the parties rights and available options during the time of a dispute.
1.2 A "Client" means the applicant who submits their profile or gets into a contract with Kelasa
1.3 A “Complaint” is defined as any communication that expresses dissatisfaction about an action or about the standard of service provided by Kelasa which should be taken for remedial action.
1.4 An “Enquiry” is defined as any communication from a client for the primary purpose of requesting information about any service.
1.5 “Intellectual property rights” means all the intellectual rights in the world that caters to clients patents, rights to inventions, copyright and related rights, business names and domain names, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights to use, and protect the confidentiality of, confidential information.
1.6 “Organization” refers to Kelasa, the company to which client submits their application.
1.7 A “Request” is defined as any communication from a client soliciting service-related queries.
"Services" means all the services provided by Kelasa to the client
1.8 "Terms and Conditions" means all the documentation containing the provisions of the Contract, including all the amendments from time to time.
1.9 “Third- party” refers to other organisations, people, or any other services except Kelasa, its employees, and the client.

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions govern the provision of all services from or on behalf of the organization to the client and apply to all legal relationships between the organization and the client.
2.2 Kelasa has all the sole authority to change or update the terms and conditions according to arising circumstances in future, which will then be updated to the existing customers.
2.3 The contract may not be verified unless and until the client physically or digitally sign the terms and conditions as well as other documents.
2.4 By contracting based on these General Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to the applicability there of in respect of future agreements between itself and the organizations even if this is not expressly stated.

All the services provided by Kelasa and the activities included in processing a candidate profile is mentioned here and is not limited to: 1.1 Kelasa is a service-based company and warrants to the client that all the services will be provided with efficiency and complete commitment. 1.2 Accepts all types of profiles irrespective of gender, age, industry, or qualification.
1.3 Introduce client’s profile to various industries including IT and non-IT organizations according to their preference to get relevant requirements.
1.4 Sending client resumes to multiple industries including start-ups, medium, and MNC's according to the client's preference.
1.5 Kelasa provides professionals and highly trained agents to all the clients to process their profiles.
1.6 Scheduling interviews for the candidates with prospective employers and coordinating the same with candidates. It is then the client’s sole commitment and responsibility to attend the interviews accordingly.
1.7 Kelasa, with its trained professionals also provides expert advises to its clients based on their preferences which is accurate for them.
1.8 Clients after registration can contact by sending a mail to services@kelasa.co.in for any queries on the same and will get updates from the same.
1.9 Dedicated phone lines are provided for clients to report any queries or update and are requested to call during office hours, i.e. Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm on the following mobile number +91 96202 90676
1.10Any emails or queries received on Saturday or Sunday will be resolved on Monday during office hours.
2. Premium Membership 2.1 Kelasa provides clients with premium membership several special allowances and highly trained professionals to handle their profiles. 2.2 Clients who have initially registered and paid for premium membership will be provided with a separate allowance 2.3 Resume modification and resume writing will be provided for premium subscribed clients. 2.4 Kelasa assigns a separate professional for handling all the premium membership profiles.
3. Client Obligations 3.1 The client shall co-operate with Kelasa in all matters relating to the services, including any particular client obligations as mentioned in the terms and conditions 3.2 The client shall provide Kelasa with necessary information and materials that the organization may reasonably require to provide the services and ensure that such information is true to its word, complete, and accurate in all material respects. 3.3 The client shall ensure that once the proposal mail is shared the client has to committedly reply to the mail with the required information and a screenshot of the transaction id for any future reference. 3.4 Kelasa will send their clients a detailed email with necessary questionnaires to make the recruitment process smooth and accurate for both the organization and client. The client shall ensure that the form is filled with all the accurate details and is mailed to the following email services@kelasa.co.in within two days of the same.
3.5 The client shall be aware of the fact that the date on which the updated profile along with the duly filled application form is submitted by the applicant to the agency will be considered as the start date of the validity and not the date of introductory fees paid. If this is not followed the organization will not be held responsible for the delay in processes
3.6 The client shall only make any contacts or report queries for updates to the following service email id services@kelasa.co.in and should restrain themselves from marking any Cc for receiving proper updates.
3.7 The client shall restrain from contacting any organization or company without the concern or permission from Kelasa and adhere to the fact that every process goes through the organization's concern and knowledge.
3.8 The client shall ensure that the electronic receipt that is shared with the client through email or what’s app is well maintained carefully for the refund process. Kelasa would not be responsible for any damage or loss for the same or the delay of the process.
3.9 Kelasa shall not be responsible for any loss of materials/money/valuables/damages in the interview place or while traveling for the interview process.
3.10 Furthermore, the Client shall guarantee the correctness, accurateness, and reliability of any information provided to the organization.

4.1 Abusive emails, calls, or language on the office premises is not encouraged. Kelasa, shall, without limiting or affecting any other right or remedy available to it, have the right to cancel services for such clients.
4.2 The Client shall duly inform the organization of any facts and circumstances that may be relevant in connection with the service.
4.3 The client shall duly attend all the interviews scheduled for them as a continuous non -attendance for interviews will mark the cancellation of the client's service.
4.4 The client shall always maintain proper decorum and discipline when on office premises. Misbehaving with professionals or any other employees is not encouraged.
4.5 The Client shall observe any national holidays and work timings while contacting the organizations.

5.1 The client shall pay the organisation an introductory fee, as mentioned on the website to the organisation.

5.2 The client shall be aware that this processing fee is to cover all the expenses of processing their application and initiation of services, to provide efficient services to the client and is not used for any personal benefits of the organisation.

5.3 The client shall pay all amounts due under the terms and conditions,Through the given payment method.

5.4 Kelasa is committed to its services and clients and expects the clients to do the same with the organisation for ensuring a smooth recruitment process.

6.1 Kelasa guarantees the client to keep every personal document and confidential information obtained during the process safe and secure.
6.2 Except with the prior permission of the organization, the client shall not share, publish, or make available any details, reports, or other communications by the organization with a third-party or any other consultants.
6.3 The client shall not share any methods or working strategy of the organization without prior written permission.
6.4 Any breach in the confidentiality mentioned above will not be appreciated

7.1 The introductory fees shall be refunded upon the expiry of the validity period.
7.1 The client shall only apply for a refund after the validation period
7.3 If the client is successful in securing a job elsewhere on their efforts within the validity period, then they can request a refund immediately, but it would only be initiated after the validity period.
7.4 If the client expresses any emergency and if the statement is reasonable, then they can drop a mail for a request to the following service email id services@kelasa.co.inbefore the validity period.
7.5 The client shall be aware that the tax amount will not be considered as a refund amount because Kelasa already pays off the tax amount while processing their profile.
7.6 The client shall be aware that the refund initiation will be based on an effort elimination criteria. i.e., if the organization has not even processed any single interviews, then there 80% of your amount will be refunded. If not, Kelasa has the right to make necessary deductions.
7.7 18% of GST will be reduced from the refund amount as of now.
7.8 The client shall remind that the refund initiated will be through online payments and not cash for future references.

8.1 All documents generated by the organization including reports, other documents, and materials, shall become the property of the Client and the client shall agree to use all reasonable endeavours to protect all the Intellectual property rights arising as a result of the service. 8. 2 The Services by Kelasa are provided for the sole internal use of the Client and may not be copied or distributed to any third party without Kelasa's written consent.

9.1 During the period of validity, all services extended to the client shall be terminable by giving written notice at the sole discretion of the agency. The services provided to the client shall be liable to termination by the agency without prior notice if,
 Any information given by the client to the agency proves to be false.
 It is found that the client is found to be convicted or indulge in criminal, sub verse, or immoral activities.
 If the client commits a breach of any terms and conditions of the agency as specified or any misbehave in any further official communication from the agency.
 If the client fails to admit to any of the client obligation mentioned in 3.

 If the client is not present at the scheduled interview venue without any prior notice or information.

Kelasa will try to solve all the disputes arising between client and organization with mutual communication. All the arising disputes which cannot be settled amicably shall be referred to the higher authority and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the courts there.

Kelasa value their clients and their queries and is fervently committed in resolving all their grievances or issues that are related to our service.
Clients can use the following avenue to report their grievances or for a personal meeting with prior appointments.
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The Contract including all the rules and regulations of the company is governed by the laws of the union of India.

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